Tmax without factory alarm ?? Questions... (possible or not ?)

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    first sorry for my English but I speak french usually.

    I have a question
    I'm building a bike from scratch, with an engine/gearbox from a 2007 Dyna.
    I had with the electric harness but not the ignition module (EFI) and not the factory alarm (turn signal & security module).

    Then I want to put a Thundermax on this bike, but I do not know if it will work alone without the stock alarm system (alarm that I did not).

    I studied the wiring diagram and there is a connection between the alarm and the EFI, "VSS Serial data link", (I am electronics engineer and I have no problem with electric wire, I can simplify the harness to remove the unnecessary wires :) ), but I don't know what transmits this wire.

    I think it could also be a problem with the "bank angle sensor", I think this one is in the security module ??

    So.... did someone can help me ??

    Thank you in advance from Belgium ;)
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    I have a 2010 ultra without the factory alarm and the ThunderMax works fine on my ride.
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    Thx for answer, did you remove completely all the electronics stuff ? (TSM, TSSM,HFSM) ?
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