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    need to purchase a new rear tire, any suggestions on tires or is there a post somewhere I can read up on
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    I strongly suggest that you NOT mix a different brand and/or style of tire with the front. Typically, the front will run 2x the rear in terms of miles (kilometers). So by the time the replacement tire you are fixin' to install is due for another change in the future, you might consider replacing front and rear with a different brand/style of tire at that time.

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    I like the Dunlop Elite 3. I have gotten good mileage and traction out of them.
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    I wouldn't recommend Metzler ME880 to any one. Poor mileage on rear and front is cracking. The Metz rep here at Daytona says the cracking is superficial. Tire was less than 6 months old when I noticed the cracks.
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    Check this out:

    Metzeler Recall - Harley Davidson Community

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    why do you say that, do you really think it make that big of difference? I can see if you ride a Heritage or something with the same tire on the front and back, but on a bike with different size tire on the front and back anyway, I've never been able to tell a difference in handling when I run different brands from front to back. Now that goes for being a cruizer and not pushing it to the limits in the corners.
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    I have never had any problems running different brands on the front and rear. Probably the best my FXLR ever handled was with an Avon Venom on the rear and a Metzeler 880 on the front. Can't make myself buy Metzelers again until I am sure their issues have been cleared up.

    I also ran with scissors through the house and swallowed some bubble gum when I was a youngster.

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    OEM Dunlops are fine, and I strongly recommend them for one good reason, all the milles testing by HD on a variety of miles over all models over many different conditions have yielded THEIR selection, most of us do not have the resources or the laboratory testing results or time to verify their results, but rider opinons so far seem indicate most people feel MOCO made the right choice and contracted the best deal with Dunlop for so many years running (since the 60's I think).

    True, metric bikes commonly used Bridgestones OEM graded "sub-premium tires" up until recently, due to their intense buying power to leverage great deals, and even special low cost Dunlops to sell new, strictly due to the fact the performance crowd was not really interested in OEM tires and pitch them at 1st opportunity anyway (they wanted the stickiest best handling rubber, mileage being only a secondary concern). Only the big touring bikes got harder, long mileage rubber, but again even touring riders were picking Michelin, Avons and others because they wanted radials w/ softer compounds for ride and comfort as well as mileage.

    I've been running Metzler radials on my sportbikes for years and like them the best, but this is my first experience with the Metzler bias ply tires on my Sporty (because I like Metzler experiences so far, and so is still a work in progress), they handle just fine, slightly larger footprint and ride height then equivalent sized Dunlop, but as far as mileage "-- the jury is still out." Selection comes down to a matter of personal taste and experience...JMHO!
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    Just my own personal belief of what constitutes a best practice based on the investigation I have done on the topic. I have always replaced tires in pairs matching the front and rear with the same brand and style of tire. I have done this on both my Dyna and UC. Others may have had different experience.