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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by jloomis19, May 29, 2009.

  1. jloomis19

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    Just curious. Ive heard different things about this, but my front tire is showing a lot of wear now, and shows very little tread. Im well aware I need to replace it ASAP, but Ive kinda heard horror stories from my step dad saying that it could pop very very easily. IDK if the stock Sportster 21'' tire has chords in it or not, but if it does, they are not showing. And I have also had the guy at the Harley shop say that its still safe as long as I dont get caught in the rain. It still has a very small amount of tread on it, and is not completely bald, but I was just wanting other opinions about if its still safe to ride in dry weather or if I should just put it up and not ride till I get a new tire. thanks.
  2. Bud White

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    is your life worth the 200$ for the tire and labor ?
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    I don't know your riding habits,but I like to ride hard,I won't take my tires beyond a 1/8'' of tread at the shallowest point.After that the chance of road debree puncturing it is just too great IMO
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    Your life depends on 2 very small, round points of contact with the surface of the earth.
    You need to put as many things as possible in your favor.
    Good tires is the one thing you have control of.
  5. jloomis19

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    Yeah, obviously $200 isnt worth a life. And I dont ride hard at all, I suppose thats how Ive gotten 12k outta the tires. But I just wanted some more info on it so I didnt go and do anything stupid on it.

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    Just run it to the tread wear indicators, that is usually the 1/16" head of Lincoln penny scenario. But if you notice adverse handling changes especially on high speed curves (wobble or shimmy) earlier, it is because the tread pattern is not absorbing that side to side motion, and definitely time to change it out.

    If you ride straight up a lot, and take it fairly easy in the turns, probably have tread on the edges worn more in the center, so you are not feeling a problem. Getting an extra 500 to 1000 miles does not really buy you that much, but gives you time to order your tire, get it in, and schedule best time (usually a Friday to carry-in, at a metric dealer or HD one, to get it mounted and balanced and installed and be riding on Saturday, or if you have need for parts (when you have wheel off you decide to pack bearings or a brake job and need additional time at the HD dealer for parts.
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    Yeah, its mostly in the middle where the wear is, execpt on the left side, i guess i lean more in the left turns, lol. But I honestly havent felt any difference in handling, maybe thats bc I dont ride it hard and im always easy into the cornering. But i plan on ordering the tire at the shop hopefully tomorrow, but i know it wont be in untill monday or tuesday, and the boss (future wife) was wanting to ride sunday, so yeah, lol.
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    I've always figured that if I looked at tires and had any question at all about them still being in dependale condition, it's time to change them. Better safe than sorry.