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    Where and how do you measure how much tire tread is left on the rear tire of a 09 Ultra? I want to see what is left on the tire. I remember it is either 1/16th 0r 3/16th time to replace? But where to we take the measurment from? Middle? :yeahright
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    measure the most worn area ie wide glides wear front tires more on the side so measure there, on the rear of an ultra it will usually be fairly central, 1/16" is bin time, there are also tread wear indicators on em best way to find them is look on the side wall for a small triangle that is the locator for the TWI. alot of the ultras here in Australia are getting over 20,000km or so (about 12 or 15000mls)
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    When the tire is worn to the built-in indicators at 1/32nd inch (0.8 millimeters) or less tread groove depth, or the tire cord or fabric is exposed, the tire is dangerously worn and must be replaced immediately.
    Inspect your tires for uneven wear. Wear on one side of the tread or flat spots in the tread may indicate a problem with the tire or vehicle. Consult your local dealer.
    Inspect your rims also. If you have a bent or cracked rim, it must be replaced.

    Minimum Tread Depth

    Always remove a tire from service once the wear reaches the tread wear indicator bars (indicating 1/32 of an inch of tread depth) located in the grooves of the tire.
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    for us visual learners (since you provided a visual), so that would be when Lincolns head is fully exposed correct?
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    Gas, I have the same question.
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    Besides checking for tread depth, which we are allowed to go down to 2/32 for inspection, I also check for uneven wear across the tire, Pa. has horrible roads that often ruin tires before they are worn out. I would rather spend a little extra cash and have a good set of tires than risk it.
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    So the TWI show up once the tire wears to 1/32", are they a fabric? What exactly do they look like? Thanks for all the replies, this is very helpful.

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    Tread wear indicators are molded in "high spots" in the tread grooves crossways and spaced along each of them. If they show along any of the treads even with the surface of the tire, they indicate the tire is worn sufficiently for replacement. Notice I said even with the tread surface...if center shows before the outer, the tire has been over inflated or run straight up most of it's life (touring tire application). The opposite is true, if worn on the edges it is underinflated (if up to the sidewalls in Hobbits' case...the tire is/was "heeled over" when cornering hard most of it's uhh short life.
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    If my attachments come through. You may be able to see a slight raised spot in the groove between chalk marks. When the tire wears to the bars, that groove disappears, and it will be solid rubber all the way across. Like posted above, there are triangles high on the sidewall indicating location of the bars.

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