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    bought bike with new kenda rear tire 130/90/16 when tire is hot size is 140 and it rubs my fender bolts no damage to side wall of tire however it is extreamely anoying checked alignment front to back on swing arm fired a lazer level at sprokets belt rides in center of sprockets and all spacing seems to be correct it calls for the 130/90/16 and woud work correctly if the tire was sized correctly is this a common problem between manufactures it was shipped with a dunlop bike only has 11k on it im a new HD owner converted from rice rockets and love my bike but tire issues scare the heck out of me road rash really hurts
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    It would scare me too! I would replace that tire immediately if not sooner. Never heard of Kenda but I would bet it is cheap. Get you a Dunlop, Michelin, Avon, etc. Its not worth what could happen.
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    Tire sizes seem to vary quite a bit depending on the manufacturer the ones i know that will fit are dunlop avon and metzler the ones i know wont fit are continental which are too wide on the sidewall