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Tire size


Hi Everyone.
A freind of mine got a new tire for his bike. I took the wheel off and gave it to him. When he gave it back to me I put it back on. Now the tire rubbes on the belt drive. The tire is 150/80E16 Dunlop rear. I belive the tire is to wide. His bike is a 1992 FXRS which is a low rider sport I think. Would anyone know what the correct tire size he would need ? The old tire is gone so I can't look at that. Thank you for your help.
I believe the standard size is MJ 90-19 front and MT90-16 rear for that bike. The 80 aspect ratio of the tire you put on there is lower in profile and wider and that's why you are having the problem.

Listed as MJ 90-10, should have read MJ 90-10
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