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    I have a '99 Harley Fatboy that has a lowering kit (2-3"). At the end of last year my wife and I took a short road trip together. She is only 140 Lbs and I am 180 lbs. When ever we would hit a small bump, we noticed that my ride "bottomed out" or was rubbing on what we thought was the fender. In looking closer, I noticed that the outside of the tire itself seemed to have some uncommon wear apparently form rubbing on the belt. I inspected this and saw that the tire when no rider was on, was only about 1/2" away from the belt. I adjusted my air pressure to accommodate the extra weight (40 psi), to no avail. I thought that my shocks were going bad as they are adjusted full out.
    In looking at this closer, I noted the tire size that is on there now. It is a 140-90 B16 m/c 77H. In looking at the PDF that another member of this forum posted, I see that the stock tire for that make and model is a 130-90-16.
    Is it possible that the difference between a 130 and a 140 is drastic enough to cause this tire to rub? I am now wondering if the "rubbing sound" or bottoming out is also caused by this difference in tire size? I would welcome comments from any one with knowledge on this subject! Or any comments at all. It would save me a lot of guess work and unnecessary parts replacements. I don't want to have to fork out $300.00 for a new set of shocks if the ones I have are fine. Thanks in advance for any input!
    DJ Culver
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    One way or the other you need a new tire right? Get the stock size and I bet that fixes it.

    also look at your left saddlebag andsee if the wind is blowing it against the tire. You might need supports to keep them off the tire

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    Welcome DJ to the H-D Talking forum. As you may have noticed going from 130 to 140 means 10mm total or 5 mm each side. Add to that, possible accessories and riding too up, it is very easy for the tire to rub on the metal wire loom keeping the taillight/license plate wiring from fouling up in the tire tread when going over a heavy bump. The other thing might be wiring has already "chafed" the wiring under there, so do take the time to verify proper lead dress and connections.:s
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    Spec on a '99 Fatboy for rear suspension travel is 103 mm (4.1 inches).
    I've got a buddy that runs a 150 on his Fatboy ('97) and that is way too tight for my liking. Not much more than 1/16" from the belt.
    See how much play you have in the rear suspension and go from there.
    Not sure how lowering 2-3" would affect the travel.
    Check the suspension bushings as well to see if you have any "slack". Might not be engaing properly.