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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by mc2, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. mc2

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    I was just looking at photos, and after all this time and miles noticed the front tire rotation direction on the factory tire is different than the indication for present tire.
    I had to look in the HD web site to see the new ones are the same as my present tire per arrow indication.

    Per the arrow indications the tread patterns are opposing for the front and rear.

    I looked at photos of other guys bikes and their front tire is the same as my factory tire was.

    What is the simple explanation for this?

    Is there anything beyond traction or stopping issues regarding being mounted in the wrong direction.

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  2. Iceman24

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    I'd say wear, handling, watershed (fm rain)...to say the least. Gotta like it when your bike's assembled on Friday @ quitting time...:s
  3. craig Lee

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    I think the answer might be the switch of the tread pattern from the D407 to the D408 because of cupping issues. Gurus any thoughts?:D
  4. oldhippie

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    Forgive my thick skull, but just trying to comprehend what you're saying.
    Either: you still have the factory original equipment front tire on your Fat Boy and noticed the new bikes front tire tread pattern is opposite of yours
    You've changed your front tire and, while the tread pattern is the same as the OE stock the rotation arrow is opposite and the shop mounted the tire with the arrow in reverse direction.

    When the dealer replaced my OE Dunlop 407 front tire under warranty with the Dunlop 408, they mounted it on the wheel the right way but then installed the wheel backwards on the bike. Put over 10,000 miles on it and never had any problems (but I'm no daredevil on wheels either) other than the tread cupping out. The tread patterns on the 407 and 408 were similar but the rotation arrow was opposite so I figured the tech just went by the tread pattern when installing on the bike.
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  5. VMGR252Nav

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    I seem to remember hearing that they are mounting the wheels backwards to help eliminate brake noise by reversing the rotors. Don't recall hearing that the tire would then be backwards as well...
  6. fin_676

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    Tyre for front and rear are created differently and should always be fitted on the correct wheel with the tread running in the correct direction otherwise wear and grip will be compromised
    Always ensure the arrow on the sidewall indicates the direction of rotation
    in the past some tyres could be used as front or rear wheel but the rotation of the tyre was reversed from front to rear fitments so that the tread pattern ran the other way

  7. mc2

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    I see your question, my mistake. Not tire rotation of the OE, but tread pattern direction is different from the old original to my 5th new one, a D408F.

    I always mount per the arrows, and the dot on the tire for placement next to the valve stem is another indicator.

    Was curious about this finding and appreciate the comments.
  8. JBC2565

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    I seem to remember an error on the D408. They made the tire and molded the tread going backwards. Anybody else remember that?