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  1. FLST

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    While trying to read the recommended pressure on a tire the other day I got to wondering why that if tire pressure is so important that manufactures put the recommended pressure on the tire in the smallest possible print and make it the same color as the tire. The tire name sure sticks out. With 60 year old eyes it would be nice if the pressure recommendation were easier to read. If it's that important for safety make it bigger for crying out loud!
  2. bcortani

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    I agree, safety is never as important as marketing to the big guys.:small3d018:
  3. Hoople

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    A GREAT theory that should apply with everything in life. I am still looking for a cell phone that has only 2 buttons on it. CALL & HANG UP. :D
  4. mvd00024

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    It would help all us old folks :D
  5. Nightowl

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    Man I could not agree more. Both on bikes and on cars. We all hear for mileage and safety tire pressure is so important. Along the same lines California (which has come crazy laws and regulations) used and may still require any place that sells gas must have free air and public restrooms. Yes I am in the mid sixties and need both.

    Ride safe, but ride often!
  6. Davidw2415

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    I agree,bigger would be better.
  7. gusotto

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    The tire pressure that is imprinted on the tire is not the recommended pressure. It's the maximum pressure.
    There is no way that tire manufacturers would know how many riders, style of bike, brand of bike, size of load to be carried.... too many variables.
  8. dbmg

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    I not a big fan of modern technologies bells and whistles but I can agree on one thing the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) on my wifes new car is great. Have not checked the pressures in the 4 months of ownership....
  9. Dswartz

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    They are great until they BREAK! My last car developed a slow leak in the tire. Long story short it turned out the tire was fine but the tire monitoring sensor was corroded and leaking air. When I had it replaced somehow the new sensor caused an issue with the computer and could not be calibrated. I made four trips to the dealership and waited for hours while they attempted to fix it. They tried all kinds of things but could not fix the problem. I ended up riding around with the warning light on for a few months before finally trading the car in last month. Drove me crazy! I would rather go back to the old fashioned days myself.

    As for the markings on the tire I couldn't agree more. However, I have stopped looking at the tires altogether. I've found its easier and more effective to get the pressures needed from the manual.
  10. FLST

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    You are right gusotto. I should have said maximum recommended pressure. The owners manual has the recommend pressure for various loads.