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Tire Maintenance

Any tips out there for keeping white walls clean?

Just looking for some shortcuts on keeping the whitewalls on my Road King Classic white. Does anybody know of something that can be put on them to repel brake dust? My rear tire "dirties up" really quick. I'm thinking that the shop installed some pretty cheap pads. (Lesson learned) I wonder if I can pre-treat my white wall with something that would not only keep the brake dust from gathering, but also make it allot easier to clean. Any idea's?
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Lyndall brakes makes pads that are not supposed to dust. They have a great tech support and Paul will advise you of the proper pad for your bike. I believe the Z pads are the dustless ones.

Lyndall Racing Brakes - The worlds best Brake Pads Composite Rotors --- Home ---

I find that simple green works well and is bio degradable to use on the white walls. There are many other products like Westleys bleach white I have tried that use to work good but for some reason don't seem to do the job any more.
Yeah, I don't have a problem "getting" them clean........I would really like to find a way to REPEL the dust as much as possible. These pads are terrible. I may just have to suck it up and change them.
If you find a way to repel the brake dust, let me know too:D

I just clean them constantly because I like them WHITE!