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Tire Dressing


I can't take the dull black tires anymore everything I have to dress tires says don't put on motorcycles . What do you guys use???:17:
I have used a product called 2001 in a bright green bottle. Don go much past the sidewalls of the tire no matter what you use.
Man I agree with you 100 percent..nothing like cleaning up the bike and the tires looking like a dull piece of rubber...I've use a product called Tire Foam made by Armor All...Make the tire look new . Yeah it says don't used on bike tires ,but everyone I know uses it we've never had any problems
The products that add that luster to the sidewalls contain silicone or some kind of petroleum base and will greatly decrease the coefficient of friction you need to keep the rubber on the road. You put that stuff on your tires and you'll end up with road rash!
Thanks to everyone with their ideas and thoughts. In my other life I'm a Corvette buff and enjoy showing my Corvette & going to shows so detailing is in my blood. I know better than to apply dressing to tread of any tires even a car can be dangerous .I laugh at car shows when guys cover their tires in dripping wet dressing.
It's like hey look how shinny my tread is give me a trophy for the best tires LoL. I see that Harley has tire dressing wondered if anyone used it. I'm a big user of Meguiar's products I think I will try what I have & just be carfull not to go down the sidewall to far.
only if you get it on the tread its like riding on ice but with no predictability, side walls are are as long as its not petrol based

I would not get the dressing on the tread...Kinda like gilder just to the white wall. I apply it with a sponge I never spray in on the tire itself. Thanks for the info...Did I misunderstand something here...along with it creating a unpredictable situation its also damages the tire even if its just on the side wall?:6: