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Tips On Making a 1,000 Mile Ride In 24 hrs.

Make sure Bike is 100% up to snuff!
Ridin gear, Rain, cold, warm weather gear
Plan your route, fuel stops, hotel?
Plan out how many miles you plan on doing in a stint. How many other riders (if any) with you?
What will you be packing on the bike, secured and safe, ridin 2 up? Go over the route with her/him.
Hope this helps, and enjoy and be SAFE!
When I have ridden my 1000 in 1's I wear boxer shorts instead of briefs. I find that the briefs will cut and chaff in the crotch from the tight elastic. Also a good pair of socks such as TechSox, they really are comfy socks and will dry really quick if they get wet.

Are you doing this to test yourself or do you not have much time to get somewhere.

Good luck and ride save
And I thought it was just me who has to stop more often for 'comfort breaks' as I get older! :lolrolling

For diving we use a p-valve...a condom with a tube on the end that goes to an "overboard discharge valve" on the leg of the dry suit. I think I'll modify that concept and connect the tube to a disposable baggy, and then market it to aging bikers! My new retirement scheme! :bigsmiley20::lolrolling
I’ve had a bunch of 1g rides. Last year flew to Naples Fla and bought my present fatty, 1012 miles 18 hrs. Sunscreen, get the good stuff, carry water and keep it accessible. If interstate riding, I usually lead or follow a car that seems a good driver and is aware of my presence. Keep left, cars won’t cut you short if your left in the lane. Tighten and service everything, pre ride check often in your stops, do not neglect the tire pressure. Don’t be afraid to move in the saddle, mix it up sitting back, forward ect. Layer your cloths so you can quickly adjust. Get a “Web” bungie to hold extra shirt, jacket ect, so you don’t have to bag dive a lot. Two sets of sunglasses, changing em out seems to help. Extra bungie or two can be handy. Don’t over pack, that can be as bad as under packing.
Pet the dog on the way out so he won’t bite you when you get home, enjoy.