Tips for a Salesman


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Hi All

I will be starting as a salesman at a HD Dealership.

My questions you all is this:

1. Have you as a customer got any tips for a new salesman?
2. Please give examples of good/bad services you have received from a salesman
3. Any specific likes/dislikes you have towards a salesman
3. Any other ideas/comments

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Hi Tommy,

As long as I am a buyer I always hope all salesman do their job below:

1.He/She never scam the customer just for increase their sales purpose only.A lot "bad" salesman out there who take down their customer for reason above.
2.When offering multiple purchase (additional accessories etc) I hope they really offering stuff where the price is deal for discount for customer need,not counting as new purchase.
3.The important is salesman must know and must explained about aftersales service without waiting a customer asking it (most harley dealer have offer on it).

Point 3 is important because not all NEW harley riders knows about it.

Hi Tom.

Good luck in your new job. I got to say, as I was shopping for my new ride this Spring, I started thinking about how much fun it would be to work at a HD dealer. Everyone at both nearby dealerships seemed to be having fun at their job everytime I went there.

As far as advice to a new salesman, I have to agree with both Hobbit and Reed.........

ALWAYS be honest with your customers and get to know the products that you are selling!

Most consumers these days have a fairly good idea what they want and what's available by surfing the net and talking to others. So, when they ask you a question about a product, feature, service, etc, KNOW the answer and tell them the truth. If you don't know the answer, say, "I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to that, but I'll find out and get back with you." Then DO IT! Find out - right then if possible - If not, followup with a call when you have the answer.

This serves two purposes.....1 - You never turn a customer off (and maybe loose a sale) because you feed him/her a line of crap that they see thru, and 2 - It gives you the opportunity to learn something that you didn't already know about the product.

Again, good luck Tom!