Tinnitus..serious trouble...need advice!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Doug S, Jul 31, 2010.

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    I'm walking down the hall at work a couple weeks ago & like you hit a switch, my ears just started ringing. I've had it befor, someone shoots a gun near you or some other loud noise but it always just went away. Not this time and there is no noise at work and I wasn't even riding the bike. I've had a little hearing loss for a number of years, loud airplanes, guns, cars, bikes, and I'm just a little south of 60 - have taken their toll. I wear ear muffs, even when weed wacking, foam plugs on the bike but I think the wind noise is what got me and the plugs might have made that worse. It went away for a few days but came back with a vengance, I've cut back on coffee and booz, got lots of sleep and stayed off the bike(killing me)-but the noise is managable now. I can live with the level it is at now but not when it's louder, seriously this is maddening when it's really loud-(like a cheap radio inbetween stations with the volumn up).

    I start a series of Dr. appointments on Monday but from what I've read, I'm gonna be stuck with this to some degree.

    To those that have it or know about it:

    1: Is it worth the risk of making it worse if you keep riding?
    2: What special precautions do you take? Does a windshield reduce the wind noise? 3/4 Helmet-Fullface? Active earmuffs?

    Sorry to bore you all with my problems but almost everything I like involves louder noise and the bike is #1

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    I have had it for years and you do get used to it eventually. You will not go crazy, but when you first get it you think you might.
    So, to minimize the situation you need to keep your ears from big decibels. As a bike rider you can do as I do and wear a 3/4 helmet or even a full face. I can hear just fine with it on, but I do not get full blast noise from mine or others pipes and the wind noise is cut way down. You could also wear ear plugs. You can get the foamy type ones most anywhere, especially gunshops and I think I have seen them by the case at Costco. I have seen some that are actually fitted to the ear. I am not sure where you get those, but in the natural color, they almost look like part of the ear.
    My advice is start right away to protect your hearing or yes it will get worse.
  3. ultrat

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    mine comes & goes it's now a part of me..it may become less noticeable
  4. Blue Wide Glide

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    I have had it for several years, and there is not much they can do to fix it. I have learned to ignore it, but it makes it hard at times to hear some people when they talk.
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    I've had it for years. Sometimes it seems to go away but it could be that I simply don't notice it at those times. Does get louder and quieter. Certain frequencies are as bad as high volume levels. Learn to avoid those frequencies. One good thing, I can't hear it when I ride.
  6. Breeze3at

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    I have had it for years. I don't know if it gets louder and softer or if I just don't pay attention to it sometimes. It's just a constant ringing. I can still hear very good, except for certain frequencies. Womens voices are in the range that I have trouble with, sometimes that's good, sometimes NOT.:25:
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    Yeah, women and children. It's my story and I'm stickin' to it. :s
    Seriously, like Smitty says, get it checked out. It won't ever go away but you might be able to keep it from getting worse. you will get used to it to some degree but, for me anyway, it's always there.
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    I feal you Brother.

    About 25 years ago I had surgery to replace my right ear drum. When the Dr got inside my middle ear he found much deterioration of the small bones (hammer & sturup as we were taught in school). He had to fabricate new ones out of teflon. I have about 10% hearing ib that ear. I have constant dizziness but it's manageable. I also have a constant volume of "white noise" that never subsides. Although it's very annoying I have learned to adjust and live a normal life. I suspect yours will eventually go away but if you end up living with it as I do, your body and mind will adapt. It's somewhat of a long road to get used to it but there are much worse things we could have.

    I dont always wear earplugs when I ride but I know I should. Maybe this conversation is what it will take to relieve my stubborness.

    Good luck to you and I've got my fingers crossed for you.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    It has been said that Tinnitus is not curable and generally hearing loss is not reversible, however you can minimize accumulated damage. Wear foam ear plugs, and quite honestly, newer model V-Twins have less vibration so less "jarring" damage as well. But it is something you have to decide and get several opinions from hearing/ear specialists.
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    LOL, I really can't hear my wife well, she starts a sentence and her voice trails off at the end and when I ask her to repeat it she yells it at me. No real trouble with the kids or people at work...hmmm

    Thanks for the responces, this thing really set me back on my heals, I was not expecting it and especially the way it just started with no loud noise to kick it off. It's nice to hear you folks dealing with it and continuing to ride, I'm not getting back on until I get some serious protection. Those foam plugs are not cutting it for me with the wind noise. I have 2 Dr's appointments next week and I'm sure there will be more. I just don't want it getting any worse...It's really tappered off tonight and I'm hitting the rack while it's quiet..

    Thanks again,