Timing - Timing Mark on FXSTS

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    I get some back fire on occasion when I let off the gas (which is rare! <grin>) and I do believe my timing is off a little.

    Decided to check the timing to day and removed the Timing Inspection Hole Plug.

    Now somewhere I seem to remember reading I needed a site glass or some such thing to put in the hole in lieu of the Timing Inspection Hole Plug but couldn't remember for sure... When I started the scooter I knew my memory had been correct! This major spitting noise was coming out of that hole... so I shut her down and put the plug back in.

    Now.. I live in China... don't know anywhere I can go to find this said "sight glass" or whatever it is... leading me to two questions...

    1.) Will it hurt if I go ahead and see if I can check the timing without the glass?

    2.) Does anyone know where I can buy the glass?

    Cheers and regards!
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  2. glider

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    It can be done without the glass but get's kind of messy.

    They should be available online or mail order, also through the dealer.
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    I heard of guys doing it with clear see thru plastic wrap. If you go this route wear saftey glasses.
    Turn the engine over until you find the timing mark ,highlight the timing mark with a white paint pen and let it dry.

    Like Glider says it gets really messy.

    My HD dealer sell the HD ones for $50.00 , thats right $50.00.
    They also had aftermarket ones for $4.00.
    I bought 2 sets.