Time to replace A/C?

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    Have a 2008 EGC w/25k on it. Completely stock except for a TFI. I have cleaned the stock air filter four times since purchase. This is the filter with the wire mesh so is designed to be cleaned and reused (at least that's what I was told). Anyway, the material was looking kinda frayed yesterday and got me to wondering. Is there a limit on how many times these stock filters can be cleaned? If so, what is it? If I need to replace it, what are some after market options? thanx.
  2. i like K&N filters but harley makes a stock replacement and a performance replacement for prolly a little less than K&N brand.

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    yea i'd change it. if you do not desire more HP just get an oem replacement. if you would like alittle more HP look at an Big Sucker. you allready have a tfi.so all u would need 2 do is install the big sucker

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    OEM H-D filter IS reusable and cleanable, but 4 or 5 times seems to be about the time the filter element starts to fall apart...and as other posters have said "--get sucked into the intake air horn or collapse prior to..."! I would change it to a K&N, they are about $35 to $55 or so but when you look at one and see how well made it is, they are worth it. Most aftermarket air cleaners usually use K&N elements for reasons that are obvious the minute you take it out of the box. :D