Time to get a proper GPS mount....

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by flh canuck, Aug 23, 2008.

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    Did the Duffly Lake circle route yesterday from my home in Maple Ridge BC which is about a 400 mile round trip and absolutely stunning. From coastal mountains to alpine lakes and glaciers, then into the high desert and back down to the coast again. Its a must ride if you find yourself out this way.

    As I was heading out of Pemberton toward Lillooet, I attached my GPS to the tach using the regular suction cup bracket. Don't really need to see the tach on a Harley anyway and this mounting system has worked fine in the past. Didn't bother plugging in the power cord as I was just going to use it for a while to see what other roads were listed in the area. About 20 miles out of Pemberton as I was cruising at a comfortable 40 mph, the suction cup let go and my GPS made a rather hasty departure....

    Stopped the bike, wandered back and eventually found my GPS lying in the ditch. I was expecting to find $200 bucks worth of tiny little bits and pieces but when I finally found it, it was still in one piece and working just fine. The back of the unit and the edges had some pretty good road rash but the front of the unit and the screen did not have a mark on it. I couldn't believe my luck!

    Needless to say, time to get a proper mounting system. I know there are handle bar mounts available but the the way the bars shake on the Electraglide at idle, I dont think a handle bar mount would be the best way to go. I may have to fabricate something that attachs directly to the fairing. Anyone out there have any ideas (other than leaving the GPS at home...)????:D
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    Try this site...hope ya find something...I lost one out of stupidity ( a Quest 2 )...but trying really really hard to forget it at 279.00...lol..anyway try Ram's site ...at least if you want to make your own you may get a idea from here..TC
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    I know what you mean. I wasn't feeling overly brilliant either as I watched my GPS bouncing down the road in my rearview mirror....

    I checked the RAM site and found they have a simple ball with a flat base which can be mounted to any flat surface with a couple of screws. I should be able to attach that to the inside of the fairing which should make for a clean installation and provide some decent weather protection. At around $8 bucks, the price is pretty reasonable too! Thanks for the info.
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    I hear yah...

    I believe that is one of the laws of nature:

    "Anything not permanently secured to the motorcycle shall endeavor to continously attempt escape at the most in-opportune moment, preferably at higher speeds, in heavy traffic and when the operators attention is focused somewhere else...":bigsmiley20:
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    LOL, $200 Maui Jim sunglasses last weekend. I don't like to ride in them with my contacts, the wind dries my eyes too bad. I just hooked them on my shirt collar, put on my riding glasses & took off. All of a sudden, I realized what just whizzed by my head. :D I was lucky, they weren't too scratched up, (2 lane 55 mph road) and they didn't even get run over!
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    I purchased a ram aqua box for my ultra from the RAM internet site. My Garmin c580 fit perfectly and securely. After three weeks on the road and six thousand miles the unit worked flawlessly.