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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by ridemywg, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. ridemywg

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    Last year I finnally got my wife riding her own bike, I had picked up an old 440 kawasaki, taught her myself and then sent her for driver training and she now has her M2. The bike was ok for her to learn on, I'd ride next to her or following her on the Dyna as she was a bit intimidated by the EG being next to her. Well now that she has the feel for the open road I think she needs a bigger bike so she can cruise comfortably on the hiways ( I don't care for cage tag in town ). I'm thinking she'd be happy on a Sporty but I'm abit concerned about the clutch being a bit tough for her to pull. Can I get some suggestions or observations?
  2. maine-e-axe

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    I think a Dyna is a better choice, lower seat , lower center of gravity and handle better. My wife learned on a Street Bob and she loves it. JMO
  3. r44s

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    If you get her a sporty, an ez-pull on the clutch will help alot.
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    Softail or Dyna are actually easier bikes to ride due to the lower center of gravity.

    Whatever you get, the easy pull clutch can be retro fitted.
  5. R.Bingham

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    I too would also recommend a dyna. If you get an 06 of up it will have an easier to pull clutch than what yours is. Or you can do the easy pull clutch kit. I put one on my 03 fatboy that I picked up on ebay for $15 and it works great. Hey a fatboy would make a good choice too. The big twins have a lower center of gravity that makes them easier to handle that sporties. I have a female friend who just got her license and was very skittish riding until she won a free day's rental of a Road King. She' 6'1" by the way. Her confidence went up immediately after riding just a few hours on the RK.
  6. Bait

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    My wife started out on a Nightster and after a year moved to a Dyna because of the rough ride and beatings she was taking on our rough back roads and wind buffeting on the highways. We looked at a Heritage Softail but the floorboards and wide front tire put her off so she bought a StreetBob. After riding my Fatboy last summer I am certain she wished she had bought a Softail as she has commented more than once on the lower center of gravity and better handling.
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    If she's not ready for a Harley she can do what my wife has been doing. For now she's been riding an 800 Suzuki Marauder we found. Enough power to keep up and can still take longer trips. In the spring she'll probably go for a Softail Deluxe.
  8. ridemywg

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    Very good suggestions and I do like the idea of the easy clutch kit that would make my dyna lets say less of a gorilla grip. Is it possible to get med way controls for an 02 dyna WG , I know she's very intimidated my the forward controls. She also dislikes the corbin seat, after riding my EG even I find the WG seat quite hard, hard to believe I thought it was comfortable for so long.
  9. jaceddie

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    The softail is a good choice. It has a low seat, but it's also comfortable for the long ride. I've tried to get my wife interested in one, but I can't get her away from her Honda. :bigsmiley33:
  10. fin_676

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    My wife and i both rode sportsters for a few years prior to getting big twins
    she on a dyna wide glide she got used to the forward controls fairly quickly