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thunderheads vs. screaming eagle exhaust


the older screaming eagles before the remodeled ones. and if i take the thunder headers off will i have to take it in and have changes made on the 99 roadking w/efi?
If you are talking about the download from the dealer, they are designed for the SE parts and any other brands will affect the tune. They are lean in any event even with the SE parts.

Depending on what you have done to the morelli fuel injection as far as richening it up, that will depend on what you need to do here.

Do you have a download or anything else on the bike?
i got the bike from my dad who had a stage1 done and had the thunderheaders added and i want to put my seII pipes on it.
So you had the download from the dealer then.

I would add the TFI and richen it up a bit. It will run better. the download is lean at best.