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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Hoopie, Apr 4, 2009.

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    Purchased new '09 Ultra Classic with ThunderHeader exhaust system part #1061. The Ultra came with a 110 Screaming Eagle engine. Spoke to dealer during 1K service about blueing on pipes. They have agreed to replace pipes and do a dyno run and remap system. Service writer explained bike was probably running lean causing the blueing. With proper set up this shouldn't of happened.

    I am not a tech, will the above prevent the blueing? What else might I be looking at or what other questions should I ask?

    Love to ride, the '09 handles great.
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    Prevent the blueing? Probably not. Minimize the blueing, yes. The 96" engine is notoriously hot because our great government has figured that it must be the motorcycles of the world that are causing global warming and have mandated that they must be leaned out to the point of throwing cutting-torch hot flame out of the exhaust ports. Chrome plating on ANY type can't hold up to that kind of heat. You could always get some dual-walled pipes...($$$$). The 110" is a bigger & hotter blowtorch. Richen it up, run a true dual exhaust, go with wide band O2 least then SOME of the pipe will stay shiney silver.

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    Double walled pipes (old metric trick used in the 70's & 80's) or ceramic/high temp color coated pipes are the way to go... here is the post:

    Mattman4403 had this done to them, which is way cool...see how close the treated pipe matches the chrome heat shield, you may want to PM him for the details: