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    I have a 2003 fatboy that i just installed the auto tune system . the bike works great but after 20 kms and getting stop at two stop lights the base idle goes to 2000rpm and will not come back down until i shut down the bike. The bike has stock everthing but a new thunder header,big sucker air clearner and the auto tuner. I set the base idle down to 700 rpm, could this be the problem. This sucks because i leaving on may 31 for a 16 day ride with my buds. I am open to any input.

    Thanks jimmy from canada
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    Did you use the unit to lower the idle or the stop screw on the throttle body?

    Your best bet would be to contact Zippers and run it by them. They have a good tech support for their products.
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    If you have the cable and the software you might try linking up to the ecm and using the IAC Auto button.

    The problem your describing is in the full Pdf manual.
    I was going to attach the pages but the file is too big. you'll find the instructions starting on page 88
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    IAC-AUTO Adjustment Procedure:
    The IAC-AUTO function is a rapid altering feature of the ThunderMax Base Map. The
    ThunderMax is constantly learning and adjusting the IAC Stops as you operate the
    motorcycle. The purpose of the IAC-AUTO function is to rapidly alter the general shape
    and position of the IAC vs. Engine Temperature map page.
    1.) Link to the module, prepare your engine monitor gauges and turn on the
    Monitoring function, as described in the Linking to the ThunderMax ECM and
    Engine Monitor Values & Gauges sections.
    2.) Select the IAC Stops vs. Engine Temperature tuning map page.
    3.) Start the engine, paying close attention to the monitor gauges.
    a. Use all proper safety precautions when starting the engine.
    b. Make certain the transmission is in Neutral.
    c. Make certain the cable linking the ECM to the computer is not touching any
    part of the exhaust system.
    4.) If the engine idle appears to be stable after 15-20 seconds, select the “IACAUTO”
    button and allow SmartLink to rapidly alter the IAC Stops during the initial
    warm-up. The “IAC-AUTO” button will react like the “Link” and “Monitor” buttons,
    it will turn green when it is active, and red when it is inactive.
    5.) Allow the engine head temperature to reach a maximum of 289o F by letting it sit
    at idle, turn off the “IAC-AUTO” function and shut off the motorcycle. The engine
    should not be turned off during this operation until cylinder head temperature
    reaches 289° unless an unusual occurrence that could result in engine damage
    is present (such as engine RPM racing).
    a. DO NOT walk away from the motorcycle while it is running at idle. Serious
    damage can occur if the head temperature goes beyond 325o F and is
    allowed to continue upwards without supervision.
    b. The IAC Stops will now be 5 points below the IAC Position; you must display
    the IAC Position monitor gauge if you desire to view spread during the
    correction process. This process should be done throughout the entire
    temperature range up to 289 degrees. The engine will not return to the correct
    idle speed properly if the IAC Stops are not set correctly.
    c. If the IAC Stop is too low, the idle speed can drop too far below the intended
    idle speed. This could cause the engine speed to approach a stall when the
    throttle is closed or pop thru the intake when the throttle is quickly twisted.
    6.) Turn the ignition back to the “ON” position, without restarting the engine. This will
    re-establish the link between SmartLink and the ThunderMax ECM. Previously it
    was recommended to “Align” the remaining tuning blocks that were not adjusted
    by the IAC-Auto function. This is no longer necessary for ThunderMax ECM’s
    with a Firmware version 4.0 or higher. The ThunderMax ECM now employs a
    constant learning feature which will continue to learn and adapt to the changing
    conditions of the engine, as well as changing ambient conditions.
    IAC Curve Problem Solving:
    IAC Position Value is too low or the IAC-AUTO adjustment is making large
    changes to the base map curve: The system hasn’t been properly initialized.
    Reinitialize the module by cycling the power on & off, this establishes the proper
    position for the IAC motor. Restart the engine and start the process again. See page 11
    for the complete ThunderMax ECM Initialization procedure.
    Rough Idle, Engine Does Not Start, or Does Not Stay Running:
    The wrong map may be selected for the application, or the AFR is so far off that the
    engine will not stay running. If you are operating in Open Loop (no Auto-Tune), Double
    check the definitions of the map that you are using, then install a probe in the tail pipe to
    determine the AFR.
    Excessively High Idle:
    If the ECM has previously been mounted on another motorcycle, or older firmware has
    recently been updated, the IAC stops will have learned offsets that need to be cleared.
    To clear the offsets, select Map Editing > Clear “Learned Idle Control Adjustments
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    I had another thought on that also I was wondering did you initiallize the ecm correctly?

    Initializing the Module

    1.) Turn the ignition on for 30 seconds, making sure the
    “Run / OFF” Rocker switch is in the “Run” position, DO NOT
    start the engine at this point or move the throttle during

    2.) After the ignition has been on for 30 seconds, turn the
    ignition off for 30 seconds.

    3.) Repeat Steps 1 & 2 two more times without starting the
    engine. The module is now installed and initialized.