Thumdermax/SERT Choice?

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    My new ride is an 09 Nightrain. This is the first FI bike I have owned. I have purchsed a SE air cleaner kit along with a set of V&H Big Shots for It. Now the fun starts. I knew I needed to have a map downloaded to the stock ECM to chage the A/F ratio. What I didn't know was what it would take to accomplish this. I called the dealership to schedule having this done and they informed me that I needed a race tuner along with a dyno tune. After asking why, they told me that because the exhaust wasn't HD they didn't have any maps for it. About $450 for the tuner and it is only good for one bike. About $700 total for all the parts and labor (pipes and air cleaner installed by me). What a headache :56: So, after some research I guess I have to suck it up and spend some more money. My question is: Which tuner is better? I am a street rider only with no racing ambitions. I would like a smooth running bike with decent performance. Which one is more reliable? I would like to hear from folks who have installed these items and what is your experience? Maybe someone who is running a similar setup. Thundermax warns that some pipes require relocating the O2 sensors for clearance. Any idea about the V&H Big Shots? Or should I just put all the parts on Ebay and forget it. :( Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. :newsmile08:

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    While there are many A/F Fuelers kits on the market, one seems to stand out and is TFI by Techclusion. The reason why is it has multiple pots adjustable by the user to fine tune the A/F ratio at various loads and throttle openings, and does not require dyno testing and stressing your motor to get it right. There are a lot of people much more knowledgable on the subject so keep in touch!

    You may want to look around at some of the postings about it:
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    Another plug for the TFI. I am amazed by the apparent bias on this site for the TFI solution. There are a number of viable alternatives to tune the AFR when adding non-stock pipes and high flow air filters. Most seem to do the job with about the same effort, whether downloadable maps and/or user "tweaking". I've used two different solutions to solve the lean stock AFR problem. Both worked great and provided user level adustments without dyno time. Check out the FI tuner links on this site and other sites. Talk to different service shops about your current and future plans for your ride. Then make a decision based on your needs.
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    If your wanting to make the bike run good and spend as little as possible then go with the TFI. If it's you trying to choose between the ThunderMax and the SERT I'd say go with the ThunderMax. Once you spend the money on the SERT it's gone if you ever trade or sell the bike. The SERT can not be removed once it's set up. The ThunderMax While it costs more up front does not require Dyno time. If you ever decide to sell or trade the bike you can take your tuner off and put it on your new bike if you wish. Just don't forget to keep your stock ECM safe.
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    Power Commander V, is out for the 09s. I have the Power Commander 3 usb on my 08 Ultra and have had no trouble. I run the K & N air cleaner with S/E slip ons.
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    I've been doing alot of reading on tuners and between the two I'd go with the TM. It's pricey but I haven't read anything less than praise about it. Do a quick google search and you'll find tons of information on pretty much all of tuners out there. Some are true tuners, some are simple fuel enrichment set-ups, some are one-bike only set-ups, some require a dyno, some require more user interaction than others. This list of pros and cons is quite long when you really start digging into your options. I guess it depends on how much tinkering you like to do and how deep your pockets are.