Thumbs Up for Mustang Seats...

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by bluegrassboy, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. bluegrassboy

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    I love my new Mustang Vintage Wide....if you're looking for a new seat....get this one....

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  2. Fossil

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    In 1999 the stock seat on my 1988 FLTC broke in half. Not liking the brittle seat base I looked at Mustang too. I ordered their touring seat and thought what have I gotten myself into. It was terrible but I put a few miles on it and forgot about it. On the way to Sturgis I was amazed at how more comfortble it was then my stock seat. I still have it on that bike. Fossil
  3. Randall K. Wilson

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    Bravo to Mustang Seats!:small3d028:

    I have had a Mustang Nostalgic touring seat for my Roadking for over ten years. I alternate it with a Corbin Solo Seat with the nostagic seat rail. Now when going two up on long treks with the Mustang it is very compfy. In fact for the little lady I think the area and density of the rear portion is next to none. As a wise ole owl who has ridden thousands of miles on FLH type Harleys once told me years ago...."your seat is one of the most important items on your cycle....If your wife ain't happy (comfortable), ya ain't gonna have a good time...":naughty

    My Mustang seat (which has been on three different cycles) now being ten years old looks as nice as it did when I first bought it...And it has been used a lot and been out in the sun a good bit to. Hence I highly recommend this product.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Thanks Randall for the info, I like my Mustang seat, but was concerned about longevity given my only experience was with Corbin all leather seats. Yesterday, my lady says the seat is okay out back, :23: when I ask her...then she looks over at this guy with an electric blue Road King with full touring seat w/ rider backrest setup and says that looks REAL COMFY, this after I just got my sporty a couple of weeks ago!!! :newsmile030:
  5. HDGAL

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    My husband ordered my solo mustang seat today, he states it is brand new one they came out with and the dealer was surprised it was in stock, should be here tomorrow, i'm doing my first long ride at the end of this month to Fayettville, for the Bikes, Blues and BBQ.

    I'm looking forward to the ride, though i took my bike in today as their was a leak in the rear brake reservoir, they wanted to put me off until the 18th, but i stated my bike is less than a year old and under warranty, i should have priority, so they are squeezing it in. so hopefully will have it back in a day or two as i'm anxious to see how the solo seat will look, also looking at a luggage rack as well.