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Throttle sticking


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also have a throttle question....the first time i start my bike ..seems almost sticks...but then the rest of the day it ok....I have a 04 Roadking:51:
Have you lubed the cables lately?

How about the throttle lock under the throttle grip if you have one (not on cruise control models), is it backed out enough not to hold the throttle open?

Sure it's the cables and not the carb/throttle body?

There's also a high idle incorporated on fuel injected bikes too that will raise the idle up on cold starts.
Thanks...probably needs lubed....I"ll try that first...coz its seems so strange it only does it on the first start of the day...I scared the heck out of myself a few times when i forced the EFI system and recently had the Throttle Body unit replaced..Thank you Sir...oh btw..I have only bout a million questions left to have a 2004 Roadking ..with now 42,000 mile...I lov to Go Figure...Dan know ..I honestly can't remember. I was going on a ride from Missouri to California had it go in for a complete physical..they found a crack throttle body...bad cam tensioners...thank God when I bought the bike I bought the extended warranty...I hope I'm explaining the problem correctly..I crack the throttle (turning the handgrip ) it sticks. once a day generally. Hey thank you guys for trying to help me out btw....