Throttle by Wire Code P1511

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by SJSHD, Dec 13, 2011.

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    I have a 09 Ultra with 10,000 miles on it. I baby the bike most of the time except for last week I was riding it more agressive and the check engine light came on and it went into lymp home mode. I checked for codes and it came up with P1511. The manual says it is the Throttle Grip Sensor. I replaced it and cleared the code. Same thing happened again after around 100 miles. Any ideas where to go from here ?
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    Did you try the following.

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    Take it to the dealer and let him check it out.

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    My solution to this nightmare after 3 weeks sitting at Harley...

    Behind air cleaner facing the rear is a connector. All they did was unplug it, clean it up, and replace the di-electric grease that had washed out.

    The tech service bulletin that someone earlier in the post directed you to explains this in detail.
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    Hi everybody, this is the "newbie" Giovanni from Italy.
    I found this forum while surfing for information about a problem that occurred yesterday to me. It seems quite similar to what you are talking about: while riding to work, the "check engine" light suddenly turned on and the engine suddenly turned into limp mode.
    I called the dealer and he told me that he needs to plug the computer into to bike to check it. I haven't tried to get the error codes from the bike (I'll do it later), but I am quite sure I'll find the "infamous" P1511 and P2135.
    My bike is a 2009 Road King with some 14k miles on it. The problem had never shown up before.
    I feel a bit depressed because
    a) it looks like the problem is a common one
    b) I already had a starter problem (it needed to be replaced) a few months ago, so putting the money into bike repair is becoming a standard... :-((((

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    I quote myself :) to add an information: after taking the bike home at no more than 40 kmph, it rested the whole day. I then tried to turn it on again in the late afternoon, and it seemd to work properly, with neither engine light solidly on nor "limp mode".
    Does this suggest you some more diagnonsis?
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    It just means the current problem (or code) went to a historical code. You still must correct the reason why it happened. Using the self help section, perform a WOW test to see what historical codes you have stored. Don't jump to a conclusion before you extract the code(s).
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    Just had a P1511 and a few other codes....bottom line is that I found a looses bolt on the right switch/throttle housing. Tightened it all down, ran the throttle up and down to make sure that it did not stick. Cleared the faults and I'm good to far! Wish me luck!
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    There is a technical service bulletin TT418 about code P2135,P2101 that has diag info and test info. it used to be posted on this site.

    For some reason I cant fined it may be Hoople or some one can fined it and post a link to it.

    On my 09 FLHTCU when I had the problem it was intermittent and unplugging the throttle module connector at throttle body and cleaning it with electrical parts cleaner and putting dielectric grease in connector fixed the problem.