Three Sisters, Texas

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    Finally got to ride the Three Sisters. This is a ride that you must do if you a in Texas. Started in Gruene at the HD dealer. Left at 9:30 a.m. Headed east on 46 thru Boerne, Bandara, Medina. At Medina turn west on 337 to Vanderpool, Leaky, Camp Wood. At Camp Wood turn north on 55 to Barksdale. In barksdale turn on 335 nort to SH41. Went east on SH41 to 336 south Back to Leaky. WHen we got to Leaky we headed back to Gruene. Had time constraints. Couldn't do any sightseeing. I ended up with 4 pics. We ran into a little rain & the weather turned cold on us. Otherwise this is a ride I will be doing again real soon. Will down load the rest of pics later.

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    Sounds like a good ride. Been tellling friends in Austin I'll get down to TX someday. I'll keep that ride in mind......assumes I'll stop talking and do what I've been talkin' about.:D
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    Welcome to the club. We have been riding the Twisted Sister for years. It has to be one of our favorite rides in Texas. The whole area is very biker friendly. A lot of the grocery stores will even deliver our orders, if it wont all fit on the bike.

    I would also suggest the Willow City Loop ride. Be sure and go slow and enjoy the view.

    They have several rallies in that area during the year. Worth the time, if you have the time. I use to be part of the crew that put on the bike games for the Thunder in the Hill Country rally. Got to know some of the people and have always had a wonderful time when we go.