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  1. lorne

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    ok so here we went again, wife is sick again so couldn't go to work. had to stay home another week, no sleep sitting beside her thinking.

    Retirement i am ready have been for years, sure wish the bank account was. all the different things we think about when that days happens. i have had lots of ideas, bike parts store?, sell burgers on the beach? sell my bbq sauce on the beach? open a paint on bikini shop (this one i thought about a lot)? open a laundry mat? build some apartments on my land for the tourists? i still don't know what i am going to go, but then again i really don't care.

    i believe the main thing is to have a reason to wake up in the morning, my reason is to kiss my wife and go for a ride (well maybe think about the bikini painting). i have been home now from work for 6 weeks and have only 3 days off, so retirement ....bring it on i am ready!

    what is your thoughts?..
  2. bcortani

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    My first thought always hits at "Health Care"!! I do not know what your line of work is off hand, but if it has Medical attached to it, ride it out atleast long enough for you to both get heatlhy. If you need a new knee or hip, now is the time to get it done. My extremely poor understanding of the "O" health program is "better off dead". Not getting political. If healthcare not an issue, do the math then. What would retiring now get you a month compared to what you earn a month working...if numbers are the same then you are currently working for free and that is something to consider. What ever you decide, make sure it is what you truly want, I know many a person who has retired and hated it and went back to work at lesser paying jobs to earn money and keep busy. I have known some who retire and become "hermits" as in they just sit at home waiting to grow old and die. I also know some who are having the time of thier lives and are all over the place having the adventures they couldn't when anchored to the job and family responsibilties. I wish you all the luck in deciding what is best for you and the missus. As for me, I am 44, have been working my career for 21 years. all three of our children are grown now, but we are now adopting a 2 year old (Family placement, long story) so our retirement dreams have been re-adjusted. I would have had to work until my early fifities anyway to collect retirement and pension, now I just have to work a bit longer...
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    The difference between the guy that jumps out of planes and the guy who has always wanted to jump out of planes is simple...... The guy who jumps didn't waste time thinking about it. You get one pistol in life but it has unlimited ammo. No matter how old you or young you are it is never to late or to early to take your shot. As they say "it's not that life is so short, it's that your dead for such a long time" I hope your wife gets better......
  4. glider

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    My thoughts are that I would like to be a partner in your " paint on bikini shop" :D
  5. kemo

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    I retired when I was 51, going on 14 years now. Wouldn't trade my life style for anything. Go south in the winter for 4 months and play around home for the rest of the year. I do odd jobs for pocket money. Living in Ontario I don't have to worry about health care, may not get it done as quick as in the States but we get it done. We pay more fore gas and whiskey but I don't know of anyone who had to mortgage their house to have a surgery done. If your are thinking about retiring do the mathand figure out what you are going to do, you can not just sit at home and watch tv and check the computer all day.
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    Life is simple. I did not understand this until I retired 2 years ago. I do odd jobs to get by and enjoy the rest. I just keep it as simple as I can. Live where I can ride year round.
  7. HDDon

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    Let me start with a story about a very wise man. My Dad at 61 told us kids that he was planning to work until he was 65. We ganged up on him and finally convinced him to retire at 62. After 5 or 6 years of retirement he took me aside and said, "The very minute you can retire, even if your eating hot dogs every day, DO IT". Dad died at 72 and never regreted it. I retired at 54, ten years ago and I wouldn't change a thing. One Time Around, No Practice, Nobody Gets Out Alive!!!! I have an airbrush gun and compressor, I will also bring a large umbrella. Which beach will we be working at???

    BOBFLHTC Active Member

    I suppose the most valuable advice is from those who have already taken the plunge. The consensus seems to be go for it. I'm 62.5 and waiting for 65 and Medicare. My wife passed away a year ago so I am selling everything and plan to live out of a camper for a while and migrate with the weather. Of course the bike will be in tow. I rode for a month out west this summer and the only bad part of the trip was going home and back to work. I did miss my dog though but she will be with me next time - Bob
  9. FLST

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    How about a U-Store it place? Lots of money for little effort once it's completed.
  10. lorne

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    cost about 1200$ a year for the two of us

    your in...don't want Jack as a partner he would want to paint mustaches on all the clients

    your right ken... need a reason to get up in the am

    don't need the airbrush gun i was thinking hand painting. :D

    like the idea but down here no one has anything extra