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This Strip Joint


The places here have to be pretty dang desperate to be hiring the dogs they have.Never seen anything so disgusting in my life.One lady was about 50 maybe or older?She has wrinkles and boobs you could tie in a bow.Please whatever you do don't look at thier faces, they could stop an eight day clock.
I would hate to go into that type of a club. I enjoy going to see male dancers around here and if they were ever sagging that bad I think that I'd honestly turn around and walk right back out of there and tell everyone I knew to do the same thing too LOL
We got some of those places here too with some dogs working, how do they make tip money? I sure wouldn't give them any of my hard earned cash. Unless they get down and bark, just kidding:D
What is the point of having a club with ugly chicks working in it? How can the owner possibly think he is going to stay in business for an extended period of time? I refuse to throw my hard-earned money away on something I am not somewhat enjoying.