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This is where we began

I wasn't even close to riding back in those days, but the rumor I've always hear about the AMF days, was that they weren't so great.

Bikes were cheaply smacked together, and some die hards, don't even consider anything from the AMF tenure "not real Harleys"...

Can anyone elucidate?

The AMF bikes were not as bad as word of mouth has made them seam. Biggest problem was The Quality of the jap bikes was so high and they were so cheep Harley, even with the resources of AMF, couldn't compete with 4 huge companies that the US Government rebuilt (with Harley's help) and Subsidised.
The Harley's made today still can't compete with the jap bikes on a level playing field. Quality or performance!! If not for all of Baby Boomers trying to buy back their youth Harley as a company would be road kill.
Bottom line is except for the transition years of 1966-1968 when Harley bolted Shovel Heads on to Pan Head cases, All Shovels are AMFs!!
I thought this is where we all began?
In the begining there were 2 wheels and God said "this is good" :57: