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    HK radio

    hello again i've just brought 07 fltr and the hd-hk audio system is on the fritts the radio work the cd is stuck and the face is red but display is blank . any help , thanks in advance ,larry

    contacted radio sound via email and john says they don't and did not supply hk radio for hd and refered me to another radio serice site to no avail anybody i'm ready to smash it ..
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    Hmm. Thought I posted this already?

    You can probably snatch the CD out of the player with tweezers. For the rest, it is probably covered by warranty. The HD shop will pull the radio, send it to Radio Sound for repairs, and reinstall it once it gets back. If it is NOT under warranty any more, get hold of Radio Sound yourself. Here is the link:

    RadioSound - Customer Service


    PS - Saw your post on the other page. Did not know that Radio Sound will not work on the HK radios. Not good.
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    hay thanks for the input but what i did is just that remove the radio and removed face plate and remove the cd and the face glows red but no display . was going to try update . all in all hd hk radios sux and i think i'm going to sony any thoughts .
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    Sorry I can't help with the radio, but since I'm in Santa Clarita as well...just thought I'd say Hi....hope you get it fixed.