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This is best site ever


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I have been to many motorcycle sites, but this is the best one yet.

I am impressed by the quick response from poster who are very knowlegable and very professional.

No question is to petty.

Thanks to all on this site for sharing your wisdom, it is greatly appreciated , especially by newbies like myself.
Doing good here.

I hear ya about the 6 year old. I looked at my grandsons homework and it's really something to see. I can't remember doing that type of work in school.

Been wondering where you were.
It's the members that make it so great!:s

Getting back to the topic at hand (ahem...), I think kudos go to both the admins and the members. I am a member of a number of other boards (Scuba, bicycling, flying) and there is a distinct difference between this and all the other boards I frequent. Other boards frequently have discussions that turn into raging flame sessions...with individuals boasting experience and knowledge that is clearly a crock. It's both annoying to all and dangerous to the inexperienced members who take things on faith. (I choose not to trust my safety 200' under the water or 5,000' in the air to some pontificating jerk who has to feel good about him/her self.) This board manages to have fun, lively discussions and provide relevant and thoughtful information.

Once again, kudos to both the admins (who keep things in line :D) and the members!