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This happen to you


So were ridin down the road on sunday and life is fine. All of a sudden I hear this crash and sound of metal scraping the road.
Nothin serious but turns out my rubber floorboard popped out of the backing plate and went sliding down the highway.......
Like wha's up with that. What a pisser

Anyway the piece didn't get scratched or damaged even though a car drove over it. Guess it gives me a reason to buy the skull "motif" floorboards.
If you ride long enough you'll have or at least see damn near any part on a bike fall off or break.
I had a kickstand spring on a FLHT break on me one time right in the middle of a left hand curve, when i rolled into the right hand curve the stand dug in and sent me high-side over the bars. broke right arm, broke back and road rash everywhere but the little toe on my left foot. Bike hauled home in boxes.
Riding along at 80,85 or so,had the chromey neck bolt cover spin loose and pop off.It just missed a friend as it pinwheeled through the air.We found it , hardly scratched .I locktighted the pr--k back on.What the hell,someone at H.D. got carpal tunnel or something!!!Get it together before somebody gets dead.