Thinking of adding a Spyke starter button

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    Hey all! I'm thinking of adding a Spyke starter button to the end of my solenoid. I'm planning on taking some real long trips and would love to have a little added security in case a relay goes or something. Now it seems to me that installation isnt as straight forward as they make it seem ( just undo 3 bolts, pull out and reinstall with same 3 bolts) . It seems like the oil tank is in the way and its gonna be a real [EDIT] to get it done. Any tips or tricks I dont know? Btw, I have an 07 Night train.

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    Buy the Factory manual money well spent it will make this job a lot easier:s

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    They are a nice addition, but sometimes as you noted, there are access issues that may make it a problem. On my Sportster there are hot exhaust pipes and some plumbing that would make pushing the button "tricky." So do think things out carefully before deciding to "take the plunge." :s