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  1. johndeeredr

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    I currently have a roadglide custom and due to some back and leg issues, thinking about getting into a trike. think I want to stay with a factory built trike, but want to here from others that have conversion kits and how they like them. also if you have a factory hd trike, how do you like it ? would you go back to 2 wheels? thanks, really looking for some input before I pull the trigger on either a conversion or oem.
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    Trikes are becoming very popular these days for many reasons. The MoCo has a patented design for a trike with two wheel out front and a suspension that allows the bike to lean like a two wheel motorcycle. Don't know it will ever make it into production.

    I am not ready for a trike yet but if that day should come, I will be looking for a trike the can be ridden like a motorcycle. If the MoCo doesn't have their design in production yet, a Tilting Motorworks conversion might be the ticket.

    Tilting Motor Works - High-performance trike kit for your Harley or Gold Wing
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    I was in the same situation, I bought a Freewheeler and have not looked back
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    Now that is a trike of a different color! I would really have to take a look if I were looking at a trike.
  5. gusotto

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    Took the Willie G tour in June.
    (I think it's over now.)
    They took us into an area with some of the experimental bikes and there were a few trikes with the the two wheels in front.
    Looked cool.....
  6. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    I went to a trike in '13 due to living a mile in on a rough dirt road, I was always afraid of dropping the Street Glide. I tried a Can Am first but went to a Tri-Glide after about a year. Love it!
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    Have a good friend and riding buddy who had to give up his Superglide and go with a TriGlide. A few things to consider: 1) totally different animal. No lean in the corners so you have to literally turn the front wheel which takes a bit of upper body strength; 2) If and when you decide to sell the trike be prepared to take a hit. There is a very limited market for trikes and their resell value does not hold up well. 3) Harley trikes have a solid rear axle suspension which can make the ride a bit harsh on rough pavement. Not trying to talk you out of buying a trike. Just trying to inform you should you buy. And my hat is off to you for still having the desire to ride!
  8. hishog5

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    I have read that trikes are H.D. 4TH best seller. And with all the baby boomers wanting to still ride , I see the market for trikes increasing. Just my 2 cents :)

    Forgot to mention, I currently ride a 2012 Street Glide, I am waiting for the 2017 tri glide trikes to come out. Then will decide on a 2016 or 2017. Go on Trike Talk, everyone there seems to love their Trikes.
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    If you really are enjoying your Street Glide are you aware there are good quality options to turn into a trike at a much lesser cost than a new factory trike.
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    Yes sir.... One of the reasons i'm going to a trike is my wife. She won't ride with me on 2 wheels. With a trike, she said she would. Trying to keep the little lady happy :). I have looked into champion kits, and was quoted $15,000. For the difference in money, I prefer to do with the new H.D Tri glide Trike. Like the new fearing and boom box, and some other things. Just my preference.