Thermal Intermittant Ignition Failure

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    Going for a long ride thru California central coast, temperature was in the high 90's, just filled up in King City and engine sputtered and died...looking at the guage "pegged", no spark, no starter solenoid, looked like just the Ignition System Module shutdown, headlights working, no blown fuses.:(

    First MEET the nicest people when RIDING a Harley...I was on the side of the road troubleshooting, a motorcylist in a SUZUKI combo bike asked if he could help and offered cell phone/tools, even offered a ride back to King City (I was covered, but it really was nice he would ask), 3 min. later another rider a BMW adventure bike...sadly 6 HARLEY riders had passed prior and not one stopped...:small3d007:

    What I did RIGHT...had a cell phone, roadside tools and the CHP dispatched cruiser, a blond patrol nice looking officer and "ride-along student" were very helpful and flat bed tow truck and driver got me up and out in about 30 minutes. (I was on HWY 101 in a long curve with slight incline and Armoco barrier preventing me from getting totally off the roadway). :ap

    What I did WRONG...did not check my AAA card does not cover the bike (my STATE FARM does, but only 30 miles as standard fare) maybe bike cost $350 to be towed 50 miles to Salinas. CHECK and make sure if you opt for road side assistance that they cover towing your bike! :s

    The POSITIVE things: Salinas HD Dealer is the BEST, when I called, they said they would stay open after hours to put my '04 Sporty in...when I got there and unloaded the bike, for grins I tried firing it up...V-R-O-O-M...I was getting about 54 mpg during my ride 0mpg for 50 miles/$350, BUT they found the ignition module in Redwood City Pennisula HD up the road and I will be putting it in today, so I should be good to go :p
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    Intermittant is the worst to find.. kind of like my car few weeks ago died had to tow it home starts and runs now..

    Shame that the HD riders didnt stop and help but everyone else did ..
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    Some HD riders are all about image and not helping out unfortunately. I'll stop for anyone on a bike that is stuck regardless.

    A quick way of testing for a thermal problem is with a can of freon to cool things off to see if it fires up again or even a can keyboard cleaner will work if inverted.
    The pick up in the nose cone on the older bikes was notorious for this and the best way of testing it was with the freon. If it fired up after giving the unit a blast, then it would get replaced.