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The Train's A Coming !


Finally after 9 month since I ordered her the waiting and anticipating is over. The train finally pulled in to the station. I recieved my Night Train on Thurs. of last week. "WHAT A BEAUTY" After seeing all the new models coming out since I had ordered there was an ounce of doubt starting to creep in. But once I seen her it was "LOVE AT 1'st SIGHT" she's my first Harley. I got about 500k on her this weekend in unseasonably cold temps and she feels great. The riding position is good even with stock drag bars they square you up relieving the tension on my back. I guess the next step is stg. 1. I'm looking at the big radius 2 into 1 not your traditional pipe but I think they suite the drag styling of the bike. The local dealer told me those pipes with there s.e.r.t. will not void warranty if set up on the dyno by them. Has anyone heard different ? Lookin forward to seeing some of you on the road.
Congrats on the bike. I don't think any of the programmers, Fuelpak, PC, etc. void your warranty, but I could be mistaken. they're probably just trying to get you to spend the money on it. and i'm not sure if it voids the warranty if you install it yourself, or have somebody besides the dealer install as long as it's installed correctly.
The dealers will tell you many things so their bottom line will increase. Tell them to put it in writing that it will void your warranty, bet they don't :D

Congrats on the new bike, we need pics here :D
"TRAIN , TRAIN take me on outta this town"!!!! :D Glad to see ya getting some miles in!!