The Stress of buying a Second Harley

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Randall K. Wilson, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Randall K. Wilson

    Randall K. Wilson Junior Member

    I have owned three different Roadkings now. Presently I have a 2003 FLHRI.
    This bike I have put a lot of accessories on. I also have Iron T Leather Bags, A corbin solo seat, a mustang touring seat and the the factory seat. Plus the detachable KING Tour Pac. Hence I can strip it down and make it look like somthing back into the early 1960's or have it set up with storage from trips. I have no desire to get rid of this cycle.

    Anyway it has 30K miles on it and I have the fever for a second bike. I have the fever but I'm not delirious. The CVO stuff is not my cup of tea.

    It has been stressful :panictrying to decide on the 2nd model....First it was going to be superglide...then a Softail Custom...then an I'm looking at Roadking Classic.....Now the Ultra and Roadking Classic are the only ones on my short list....

    Have any of you that own two bikes ever had to deal with the stress of making a selection? It seemed it was easy picking out a model when you didn't have one, but now that I have one picking out the second model is difficult... You know a guy really needs at least three harleys....

    The combat engineers lead the way...Bailey bridges, pontoon bridges etc....Then other troops can cross.:42:
  2. cdn-bigfoot

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    My first Harley was a 2006 1200 Sportster Custom.
    Less than a year later I also have a 2006 Dyna Street Bob with $7000 in accessories installed. I ride the Street Bob solo and can add a 2-up seat and backrest when my wife wants to ride. Saddle bags and a windshield make it into an adequate touring bike. But.... I hate switching it from it's solo configuration.

    After selling the Sportster a choice in a second bike will be quite simple.
    A bagger! 2009 Street Glide to be exact. All black and Chrome like my Street Bob.

    I want one for around town and stripped down as a solo up bike (The Street Bob of course).
    And the other for the highway and all my 2-up riding. (The Street Glide)

    A suggestion.
    Have you tried the Street Bob? Maybe a Night Train?
    Keep it as a solo and have a blast around town.
  3. SledDog

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    I have multiple "second" bikes... Each one different. But 2 of them are glides. One's a shovel, the other an EVO. So they are the same but different..

    Don't limit yourself. Look at everything... How about something that's vintage...

    A shovel, pan, flat head make a great addition to a garage. It also gives you some insight into what came before the current crop of models.
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  4. Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    Just my opinion - you already have a bagger set up just the way you want it - why would you want another bagger?

    I'd get a Dyna or a Fatboy for local cruising.
  5. MIHDrider

    MIHDrider Junior Member

    How is there possibly any stress in a second Harley? Stress in a decision maybe but not a second motorcycle. Good Luck
  6. 01dynaglide

    01dynaglide Junior Member

    I agree with Dr. Doolittle but it is your bike and you should get whatever you want. You will enjoy anyone you get.
  7. Irish Hog

    Irish Hog Junior Member

    I would like to get a Heritage, I am thinking about getting one in two or three years. The only stress is goint to be what color to get it in.
  8. Randall K. Wilson

    Randall K. Wilson Junior Member

    Point well taken... Well to me with a bagger you are good to go for any situation. Granted I have the amenities to set my Roadking up for serious touring or old school look local cruising. First I thought I will just get and Ultra and be done with it. Then really not add much to it but change out the pipes and air intake. Then I'm good to go for trips anytime all the time.

    Then I would take my 03 Roadking and leave the tour pac off. Keep the corbin solo seat on it and the leather Iron T Bags, pluck off the windshield when desired and boogie on down the road. THEN, I seen the 09 Roadking Classic in Deep turquouise and antique white and nearly passed out. I'm thinking I gotta have that dude (after I sale my Corvette). Ok as time passes waiting to sell the vette the thought of having two Roadkings is kind of well...mundane. Hence the stress sets in and Lordy...what should I do.

    Now the Dyna's and Softails are a mighty fine rides as well. But after having three Roadkings, It's just what I'm used to and historically imho its pedigree goes back to the orginal H-D. The touring frame line to me is the patriarch of the motor company. Hence I'm just very partial to these machines. Eye appeal to me the Roadking is my favorite....Hands down.

    But yeah it would only seem logical to get a different Harley entirely. However I've never been a logical person. I'm barely housebroke.:)

    This is my Roadking set up in the nostalgic motiif. In the next post I will put on my Roadking in the touring motiff. I don't know how to put two images on one message.

  9. Randall K. Wilson

    Randall K. Wilson Junior Member

    My Roadking set up for touring.