The Redneck and the Game Warden

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    A redneck was pulling his boat out of the lake when a game warden came up and sees a large bucket of water with live fish in it. The warden ask to see the man's fishing license to which the man said he didn't need no papers. The warden informed him that if he did not have a license he could end up in jail and maybe loose his boat. The redneck looked at him and said he did not need any papers because these were his pet fish and that a couple of times a week he brought them down to the lake for a little swim and then took them back to the house. The redneck said all he had to do was dump them in the lake wait a little while and whistle and they would jump back in the bucket. The warden said yea right, lets see you do this. The redneck walked back to the lake and dumped the fish in. After a little while the warden said well? The redneck said well what? The warden said where are the fish? The redneck said what fish?

    Moral: Rednecks might not be as smart as some city slickers, but they are smarter than some government employees.
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    :p Good one Don, kind of reminds me of the boat incident y'all were in in Salt Springs:D
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    Good joke Don, gave me a laugh. Keep them coming!::D
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    i'm going to have to remember that one :p
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    Ha-ha-ha, probably here in Bama! Good one!
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    I love getting a chuckle from a CLEAN joke. Good One!!:newsmile100: