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    Quit charging so local HD says the stator is out - replaced by them. Then it quits charging again - then local HD says the rectified fried because of the new stator - replaced rectifier. Finally was ridin this Sunday, and the speedometer started jumping between 0 and 80 and the mileage indicator was flickering on and off. While watching the speedo dancing around, happened to notice the voltmeter pegged out all the way to the right (over 16 volts). Only 25 miles since getting it back from the HD dealer. Had to terminate my ride and head home. On the way home, sometimes the voltmeter was down around 12 and sometimes pegged and sometimes the speedo was normal and sometimes was bouncing and flickering. WHAT THE (Edit)? Is this thing ever going to be right? The dealer is picking it up this afternoon and they hopefully can figure this thing out. Has anyone ever had this happen to them or have any ideas. This is really getting old.

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    Dealer worked on it? Check all your connections starting at the battery (pos & neg), then the plug at the stator/voltage regulator (make sure they are snapped together), then the connection where the VR ties in (under the seat on mine - both ends). Make sure the nuts that hold the VR on the frame are snug.

    The problem with letting (and worse paying!!) someone else work on your bike is that you don't know what was done and NOT done. Check everything that was touched.

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    Anyone, Advise needed. According to the dealer, the VR they put on last week was defective. Or at least that is what they told me. My question to them was if a defective VR would cause the speedo to be erratic and bouncw between zero and higher mph and cause the Check Engine light to activate. They told me sounded like the VSS was the culprit. I find this hard to accept unless a real coincidence they both went out at the same time (VR and VSS). Nevertheless, the dealer put on another VR as well as a VSS and told me the bike was ready to pick up. Picked it up and hadn't gone one mile when the speedo dropped to zero and the Check Engine light came on (exact same problem I returned my bike to them for). I returned the bike and told them they owed me $$ for the replacement of parts that weren't necessary; a VSS. So, here is what I am asking; what could be causing the speedo to drop to zero and at the same instant the Check Engine light to activate? Can't be the VSS as that is now new. Can't be the VR cause that has been replaced and the charging system now seems to be operating properly. Could the old VR had caused damage to something else by allowing the voltaqe to peek at over 19 volts? What ever is wrong with my Ultra I hold the dealer totally responsible for; first a new stator, then supposedly a new VR that turned out to be defective causing huge surging, now another VR and also a VSS. Man, this is getting old.
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    OMG is it finally fixed

    After four days in the shop, I finally picked up my Ultra this afternoon. Would anyone believe the shop had to replace the regulator/rectifier three times before they finally got on that worked. Everytime they told me the bike was ready, shortly after leaving the speedo was very erratic, the voltmeter would peg and the check engine light would come on temporarily. Then after a few seconds everything would settle back to normal. I am not HD mechanic by no stretch of the imagination, but I always believed it was a faulty rectifier but didn't have the confidence to speak up. Anyway, it is home and after a 10 mile ride home, everything appeared normal. We shall see. THIRD NEW RECTIFIER. WOW!
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    Third times the charm!:D