The New Phase 7 LED Headlight Reviewed

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    The completed Phase 7 review is available at:

    Home - bogie's Motorcycle Product Reviews

    It takes a while to download - it's a large file...

    Compares the JW/HD LEDs to the new, redesigned Truck-Lite/Kuryakyn LEDs being called the Phase 7


    Any and all comments welcome.

    bogie & Travis
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    Thanks for the tests.

    I have used/tried the TL Phase 5 and Phase 6 lights.
    The TL LED passing lamps weren't available so I added the Harley LED passing lamps. Then the "styling" clash between the two brands looked out of place so I then went to the H-D LED headlight, just because they matched the H-D passing lamps.

    I'm done swapping now but I hope the H-D lights last a long time.
    Funny... they promote their long life but have a much shorter warranty.

    I'm happy with the H-D lights. Feels good to be seen by the traffic (cages.)
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    While not specifically asked here - it was suggested on another thread that I share this:

    A little more info - doesn't help much right now, but a step in the right direction...

    The 5-3/4” and Road Glide offerings are not currently available from Truck-Lite, but are expected – ‘when’ is the operative question; and, of course, always subject to change