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    I hope I can get another opinion and gain some knowledge from you guys.

    I was pondering a Screaming Eagle EFI Race Tuner Kit for my 2000 road king, but suddenly realized I had no idea how those things work. Would one of you guys enlighten me? I also realized that I had no clue regarding what a TV II and III is. I hope I wrote it correctly the Terminal Velocity from Terry’s Components, how does this one work. Finally, while reading the self help tips I saw what was called a digital tech, referred to in a thread on EFI idle adjustment, as usual I don’t know what that is either. Can you help?
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    The digital tech(nician), is an ECM interface that allows the shop tech. to read the system and make adjustments. That's the basic, I don't know what all it's capable of.
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    Strap on a Piggy fueler and be done with it. What your asking to learn is beyond the scope of a simple post.