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    Just got back from standing a flag for Albert "Doc" Brown.
    He was the last know survivor of the Bataan Death March.
    His story was the subject of a book by Don Morrow and Kevin Moore,
    "Forsaken Heros of the Pacific War: One Mans True Story", and was taken from a journal that Major Brown kept during his Army service in the Phillippines; the harrowing 65-mile trek to a Japanese POW camp, during which up to 11,000 died; and his time as a prisoner, where he suffered torture, disease, and starvation for over three years.

    This is where you can find more on this WWII hero.
    Albert "Doc" Brown Obituary: View Albert Brown's Obituary by Anchorage Daily News

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    It is sad that there so few left to teach us that the freedom we sometimes take for granted came at great cost to so many brave heroes.

    May he and all those that suffered so much during that horrible march and torture that follwed rest in peace.

    I cannot convey with words the respect I have for all those that protect the thing we hold most dear.

    Regards, Bill