The First Month.

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    Well, I have just made my first payment on my newly used Harley XL1200C Sportster. This was my first harley/first motorcycle, and I thought I would share some of the experience and knowledge of the first month; if not to help those who are new, but to have a chuckle or two.

    550 lbs doesn't never seems to sound quite as heavy as it actually is, don't ask me how I know. (still haven't dropped her...yet.)

    If you live in a suburbian area, they are great places to practice riding. Your neighbors will disagree with you though.

    Small municipal airports have excellent roads to open her up on and get more practice after leaving the suburbs. The local police department will disagree with you though.

    If your bike does not have a fuel gauge, the dealer estimated MPG multiplied by your fuel capacity is an excellent way of getting some exercise walking to the gas station.

    The day your wife takes the car, and you only have the bike to drive to work will almost always coincide with the day tornados blow through your state at the end of your shift.

    Prehistoric sized bugs hurt...a lot.

    It's just a short hop on the interstate is a terrible reason to not put on your windscreen. 75mph wind is equal to a category 1 hurricane.

    More of your friends and family will look at you as being a future stastic than you would like to think about, but never let if affect your confidence.

    There is no way to be comfortable on a 100 degree day. Always carry water.

    It doesn't matter how well vented your jacket is at a stop light, especially when you add the heat from the exhaust.

    There is a fine line between expanding your limits, and exceeding them. On one side is knowledge and experience, on the other is scattered chrome and burning gasoline.

    New riders start with an empty bag of experience, and a full bag of luck. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before the bag of luck is empty.

    Trust the advice of old bikers, but verify with even older bikers.

    Thanks guys...You all are as important a source of knowledge as anybody else to a young rider like myself. I appreciate all the knowledge I have gotten from here.
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    I thought that was a really informative post
    i often do things in a particular way as previous experience has guided me however i would rather be ready for what may happen ie cable snapping, caught in heavy rain, get home after dark, having sufficient fuel etc than being caught out
    in time you will get to know the best way for your self

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    Thanks for the update... I enjoyed reading your statements of "Fact"
    Enjoy your new ride, it's a good one. :D
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    Good post enjoyed the tongue in cheek humour, sounds like you have absorbed a lot from the learning curve. My first HD was an 07 1200 and a lot of what you mentioned ring true, especially the prehistoric bugs!!!
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    What a "great" post.I saw almost every one of those events as I have had experienced similar ones. This is what riding a bike is all about. Be sure to tell friends and family that you are riding a Hardly Dangerous and you will be OK. Like the Elvis Presley song, Memories.....
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    I think you have learned a LOT in your first month!:)
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    Very well stated. I think we call can relate.
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    You've learned a lot in one month but just when you think you've learned it all ..........a long comes Glider to set you straight.
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    Glider? When he's not sleeping :D
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    So,,,,How do you like it so far...:newsmile100::newsmile100:..KIding