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The Dragon and The Snake both 2day

Rode the Dragon and the Snake both today. Wendesday is by far the best day of the week to ride them. Very few crotch rockets and only 1 johnny law!
Of the 2 the Snake is a much better ride.
Sounds like you had a great day of riding! I'm envious! I heard there was a real crack down on the Dragon... maybe they finally met quotas.
Owner of the Rockhouse and the Snakes din both said cops are only out in full "right'em all tickets mode" on the weekend.
The real danger isn't the cops it's the logging trucks, gas tankers and cage driving tourist trying to video the whole thing.
The ride is great but no better then where I live which is about 100 miles from the snake.
When you live on a Mountain finding a straight piece of road is a real gift.