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The Bones Seat?


I would like to know if this seat can ride all day? I have spent to much money on seats, and can only get about 45 miles and need to take a short break do to my tail bone....I ride a 2006 FXST I would like to keep a solo, thats why I am asking....I have a Corbin Hollyweird solo with a gel pad and a but pad from Alaska Leather < very nice folks by the way!

I also tried a Mustang Vintage solo.....same thing:help

Thanks, for any info on this! I checked with my local dealer, and the seats are available to buy now....the seat is 300.00 and the pan is 26.00 didn't ask about the other hardware involved, but it can't cost to much?

LOL...I see it now...but didn't show up when I checked out the post?

Thanks, Glider I think I need him!
Allen gets a call from me! Memory Foam:bigsmiley36: It works for my back on my bed....I would think it could help with my seat problem. I will try this one more time, before I have to rethink riding with a solo seat!

Glider & Bluesssman...I thank you very much

The Scoop

I spoke with Allen today, nice guy by the way! What was said is that he is very busy and corbin seats are PITA because of the way they are made. I asked if he would do it for me, installing the memory foam and making the seat where I can ride longer....Allen took a few secs and stated yes! but he would not have time until November of 2008.

I have been told before about Corbin seats and what a PITA they are! and understand where Allen is coming from with whats involved, anyway I found a place in Jersey called Americana Soft Seats....guy named Jerry (owner) He knew my problem with the seat, and stated he could make it work for me!

I sure hope so! after this try it will be a $ 750.00 seat.... Damn thats a lot of coin guy's to get a seat right! Original cost of the seat $ 400.00 sent it to SaddleMan for a gel pad < they swore it would be A OK lol $ 150.00 for all that! and the seat still is hard as a buck board....

1 more try and we will see? I will let you folks that helped know when it gets back from Americana.

thanks again to you guy's
The Corbin seats are very firm but I have had them on 3 bikes now and they are comfortable once you give them enough miles to break in. They just aren't as plush as other seats. I hope they get yours sorted out for you Al.

Let us know the final outcome and what was done.
Ha Ha
I have a solo seat by Paul Cox of Indian Larry's in Brooklyn. It is has some foam, but is pretty much like leather over the metal pan. I can get about 1 hour before I could use a break. I would think the Bones seat would be more comfortable, but not as cool :)