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The best touring model?


I want to get my son his first Harley for his birthday and I have been torn between whether or not to ge him a Dyna Bob or a touring model. Neither my husband nor myself have ever had a touring model. What would be the best one?
Alot depends on his age and type of riding.I have a Dyna and i love it but it is not great for long rides. If he is young odds are he wont be in to the touring look, the Bob is a real cool looking bike that he would love kicking around town on. If he is into the touring thing you cant beat the Road King ,you can log lots of miles in comfort then take of the wind screen and look some what cool around town.
If he is a young guy, he might like the Streetglide. It is a really cool bagger, dechromed and low with a killer stereo. I used to own a Dyna, now a RK standard, but I am an old geezer at 50 years and a geezerglide fits my riding pretty well. I did really enjoy the dyna though and you can't beat the FXD superglide for a great handling Harley.:cool:
My first HD was a Sportster 883. I am happy I started there because it gave me a chance to get a feel for an HD Bike. There is a new Sportster now called the Nightster 1200 give a look he may like it a lot and be the first on his block to have one. Good Luck
Look into the rk custom FLHRS/I. I own one and I love it. It is great for around town and on the longer rides that he may enjoy. If he already has a mc license, take him to a dealer and let him rent one. The dealer may let him take more than one out for a quick ride. Just ask if they have demo models. Just my thoughts on the subject.
I agree with donnathan2. Once he can ride a Sportster, he can ride anything. The Nighster is the coolest new Harley since the V-Rod. He'll make alot of friends and learn a great deal. Just my opinion.:D :D
Your son gets a Harley for his birthday????
Did you know I'm up for adoption? I'm 44, house trained and polite to guests, wipe my feet and mow the lawn.
That aside I would choose the 883 or new 1200N. They are light fast and certainly very cool.
I would think that a 1200 Sportster would be a good start, you might lose a few bucks when he wants to upgrade, but better to lose a few bucks up front that for your son to get hurt learning to ride on a bike too big for him. Just my 2 cents worth. Good Luck and happy riding.
You didn't mention as to how old your son is.Best bet would be if you're fortunate enough to have someone that rents Harleys in your area, then take him there so he can test drive different models and decide for himself. If they don't have that big of a selection to choose from, then go to your local H-D Dealer and they may have some "Demos" you can test drive.I'm more than sure you already know these H-D's aren't cheap by no means, so test driving to decide which model ya like and can handle ,before ya put down that cash will be the smart move. Good Luck !!!! Ride safe, Hi-Tek Rednek:42:
In my opinion, the best touring model for a younger guy would be a roadking, or roadking classic. And my favorite dyna is the street bob. I'm 19 and I started out on a sportster 1200R:14:. It was probably a better bike to start out on than one of the bigger ones. I didn't have a choice in the bike, my dad bought it, but I'm happy with his selection. I love the bike. When I'm done with college in 2 years, i'm buying myself a streetbob.:D