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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by toneu812, Aug 31, 2008.

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    I just got a new Road King 09 and was woundring what is the best after market speaker sound system with or without biuld in amp. Thanks
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    I was looking for something that mounts on the handle bars. I did not want to buy a detachable fern
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    I have a Roadking and installed the Two Wheel Tunes sound system on mine about a year and a half ago. It is made I think in Kansas city. Check it out on the internet.

    I LOVE IT...............

    You get an 50watt amp nice chromed and billett looking.
    two nice chrome speakers that look like bullet lights.
    A nice small chrome bracket that I mound my mp3 player to.

    You can use any devise to run through the amp. For me I like the Zen V mp3 player. I down load songs from my personal CD and jave about 1400 songs that I can listen to.

    Most of the time I listen directly to the speakers which are on the handle bar. However if on the Interstate going fast I run a wire to a Chatter box devise that is mounted to my helment (this has had headphones built into my helmet.) I run my mp3 player through mine and I have about 14 songs on this player (Zen V)

    I am happy with this unit because it does not take away from the nostalgic old school look of a Roadking. It blends nicely with the theme of the cycle. The Two Wheels Tunes kit is about 500.00 :newsmile093:but I got mine at fifteen percent off because I am a HOG Member.

    If I ever get another Roadking...and I might...I will put another Two Wheel Tunes sound system a skinny New York Minute.

    There are two things I cannot live without...that is music, and pizza.