The Adventures of the RainMaker

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  1. trickydoc

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    Well got the "RainMaker" out for a little ride, the sun is shinning right! Wrong! didn't take long for the rain to catch up. I was just going to the local shop to pick up some oil and filter.:) What's up sunshine and rain:( Got rained on 3 times before back home. I guess the rain gods are (EDIT) cause its rained every day since and the man says its going to stay for several days. None of my friends will ride with me. one buddy told me to stay home saturday cause he wants to ride. guess I need to move back to AZ. they need the rain, and they might like my bike's talent. Y'all have fun out there, I'll stay in the garage.

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  2. horizonchaser

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    Here in the Northeast (Massachusetts) we have been inundated with rain all Spring. These last three weeks have been gorgeous so I think, judging by all of the bikes that I see out there, we are making up for lost time.
    Hopefully the Fall will look favorably upon us and grant us some great riding weather. Love those Fall rides with all the leaves changing color and the crisp air!
  3. HDDon

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    I agree with you Jayson, I live down at the end of the Suwannee. Seems like we have only had a few days of sun in the last month.

    Tricky, how far are you from Fl.? Maybe if you moved a little further west the rest of us would get to ride more. I know central Tx needs rain.
  4. Butch

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    rain- schmain. Ride'n in the rain is nuthin' but a skill builder. :p

    Now you wanna complain...Up this-a-way we have little weather anomaly called snow...6 months of the year! :(
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    I know the feeling, went on a ride to Prescott on Saturday, nice sunny day :), on the way home got caught in a T-storm mixed with hail, no rain gear :small3d015: and wearing a just a skid lid w/o a face shield for about 30 miles, then right back to 110deg. for the next hundreaded miles!:31:
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