??? that sound.

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    anyone got that sound in your bike that only you can hear,or is that a new vibration,when did that start, rattling in the gear box,or clutch noise. :no U ask a buddy 2 take it a spin around the block,and every thing is perfect.
    maybe just buy a dresser with a great stereo and crank it up.. its probably just in my head ,but some days are just like that.NO.NO.NO , time for a ride ,
    its gettin cold up here,only a few weeks left before its time ,,snow time..
    have a good one fellas,,:bigsmiley24:
  2. glenalt

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    Been going thru the same thing with my heritage. I just decided to ride.
  3. QehQeh

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    For me "that sound" was the bolts coming loose on my Dyna's stator rotor. The noise went away after the bike warmed up. Then, a couple of rides later, "PING...Whurrrrr" Should have taken action when I first heard it. Luckily there's no damage except for the rotor and stator.

  4. Hoople

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    A noise no one else can hear? Not on my Harley but on a previous Yamaha. You WONT believe this story. I purchased 2 BRAND NEW Yamaha bikes exactly the same. Gave 1 to my older Brother so we could both ride together. His bike was flawless. Mine had this internal metallic noise coming from the crankcase if you just buzzed along in 1st gear. A buddy along with my brother could not hear the noise when they rode the bike. After having 17 miles on the bike I bring it back to the dealer I purchased it from. They say they can't hear anything. I took the bike back home and can't stand hearing the noise and I just KNOW something is not right with this engine. Drain the oil and took the oil filter apart and there is alot of metal in the filter. Take it to the dealer and they tell me that's normal for a new engine. I knew it was not because I compared it to the other bike and that filter was fine. I continue looking for why this bike has this noise no one can hear. Just for fun I take an oil pressure reading with an oil pressure gauge. At idle the bike has 5 pounds of pressure and at 3000 RPM it has 9 PSI. Other bike has 35 PSI at idle and at 3000 RPM has 71 PSI. I then bring the bike back to the dealer and after having the bike for 5 days they tell me those are normal readings. I then call the Yamaha Customer Service division in California headed by Ms. Jill Hobbs to complain. They tell me there is Nothing that they can do. If the dealership says its fine, then it is fine. They then tell me all I can do is bring it to another dealership. Their "Senior Road Tech" is backed up for the next 6 weeks. The dealership I purchased the bike from said if I bring the bike back 1 more time for this same problem, they would charge me. (The "Lemon Law" does not apply to Motorcycles.)
    Pulling my hair out I bring it to another local dealer. He too says the noise is Normal. I then said "Let me bring BOTH bikes done here and I will show you bike #1 has 70 PSI and Bike #2 has 9 PSI". When I show him, his eyes bugged out of his head and said leave the bike with me to check out. Calls me in 1 day and said the "O" ring behind the oil pump was missing from the factory. Most of the oil was just coming out the pump and dumping back into the sump.

    Yamaha is an Impossible Company to deal with. Got rid of the bike and never looked backed.

    "The noise no one else Wanted to Hear"
  5. AcidRayn

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    had one recently, exhaust hanger bushing slid out
    for some unknow reason, replaced it, all good,

    4 other very experienced mechanics/riders told me i was nutz
    i found it last week,

    who's nutz now, i know i heard a trapped mouse
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    On both my bikes I hear this bell ringing type of a sound, sort of like an old wind up alarm clock with a pillow on it, mostly at a slow cruise speed. The wife tells me I never hear things when it is improtant, you know like, what she wants me to do, I have checked over the bikes and everything is tight and using a rubber mallot bouncing off the tires I can't duplicate the sound, could it be I listened to too much Pink Floyd when I was younger?
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    you can never listen to too much pink floyd

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    1+ regarding Joel & Bill...! One time I was riding the bike after putting on the fairing and heard a noise I did not hear before...a ring every now and then. Got home poked around and realized it was "--a little bell hanging near the lowest part of the bike"...hmmm :lolrollingno comment about the "voices I hear in my head..." that is a totally different deal altogether!
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    My 07 Softail Heritage still has a whinning, whishing sound coming from what seems to be the fuel tank. I have taken it to 2 shops and they swear they can't hear anything. It runs good but surely it's not actually suppossed to sound like that.
  10. ultrat

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    changed oil & filter yesterday headed to work this am heard metal tinging sound. thought compinsator bolt hitting primary cover,,,,,,,,,, no i forgot to remove filter removal cup/tool from filter duh..................