Thanx to those i encountered on the road

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    Last Wednesday I awoke to my wife saying..."You should jump on the bike and go visit the Kids". The fact that it was a beautiful summer morning and the kids were 1800 Kms away was not lost on me so, I loaded up the 09 Ultra and headed out. My route took me from our home on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia through New Brunswick to Maine. The drive from St Andrew's NB to Bangor Maine on Hwy 9 was increadable. With each fuel stop I encountered more and more kindred spirits on all manner of 2 wheel machine. Each and every individual and group chatted at length about their experiences and plans, I was amazed at how open and friendly folks were.

    My first overnite in Bangor got me bedded down just as a major T&L storm came through. I remember standing under a roof with 4 other bikers marvelling at how luckey we were to have the freedom to do as we want and experience the open road. The next morning brought sun and heat which made Hwy 2 via NH, VT and NY all the more enjoyable. With a stop in Champlain, NY and a boarder crossing at Cornwall, Ontario, it was a short shot to Ottawa. There I was met by my son on his new Triumph Speed Triple (I told him he would have a real bike some day!!) and we immediatley headed out for the Gateneau Hills and Mount Tremblant. 500 Kms later we were back in Ottawa for a nites rest. Riding with your kids gives you unlimited memories, seeing him smilling back at me in his mirrors as we twisted and turned is something I will never forget. Even our bantoring continues to make me smile....he refers to the Ultra as a lounger chair, guess I deserved that.

    After two days of riding and visiting, Sunday noon-time found me back on the Ultra heading east, this time through Quebec. Rain caused me to stop a little early in Riviere de Loup, Que but early rise the next day got be back on schedule. While it was a long day with 12 hours in the saddle to home, the weather and chats at stops made the time pass quickly. I met folks from as far away as Galveston, TX, all US eastern seaboard states and of course Canada during my ride. I was amazed at the number heading to ride the famous Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, NS. Of course I had some advise for those folks. 4,975 kms after pulling out of my garage Wed, I was back home to a cold beer and a lengthy debriefing for my wife.

    The trip truly solidified for me value of the new experiences we can have using that wonderful beast called a motorcycle as a mode of transportation. I know for a fact that driving any other vehicle can not even come close. Thanx to all I encountered for helping me be closer to everything.

    Ride safe but above all else....RIDE!!!!

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    Very nice post and thank you so much for sharing. While I have been into 2-wheel sports for over 30 years it still brings a smile to my face everytime I hear about a ride on the open road. Life is interesting because of the path, not the destination and the memories are truly timeless. :D
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    Great story and thanks for sharing. It does not get any better than that and thats what riding is all about.....:)
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    That was a very nice read and thanks for sharing it. If we can ride with our family members it just doesn't get any netter than that IMO:s
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    I love reading stories about life's experiences on the rode like yours. Thanks.
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    Very nice read, and kudos to your wife, she sounds like a keeper!! I am looking forward to riding with my sons someday soon I hope.
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    Nice story there aspybay. What did they used to meet the nicest people on a Honda, well that seems to have expanded to most 2 wheelers!!
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    Sounds like a great trip - thanks for de-briefing w/us too...of course, wife's briefing came 1st...;)
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    True dat. Cool runnins.

    Tanks fo sharin'

    Rich P